Women's Smartwatches

Our Women’s Smartwatches Help You Keep Up With Everything

For years, watches have been an essential accessory for those with a refined sense of style. That’s still true today, but now, they come packed with additional features that make your life easier. A women’s smartwatch from Michael Kors is made for a fast-paced lifestyle. Compatible with your smartphone, these timepieces send notifications and alerts for incoming emails, texts and social media updates so that you’re always in the know. Rely on the voice-activated Google Assistant to keep your calendar appointments and shopping lists organized or check the weather and commute times. Like all the best smartwatches for women, ours feature payment technology so you’re never stuck rummaging through your purse to find your wallet. Fitness tracking features, including GPS functionality and heart rate monitoring, are a constant companion that will help you reach your health and wellness goals. Some styles are even equipped with swim proof technology so you never have to worry about getting your smartwatch wet!

A Women’s Smartwatch That Doesn’t Compromise Style

Lots of smartwatches are equipped with advanced technology, so what’s special about a Michael Kors smartwatch for women? As a legacy fashion brand, we care about style. We know that the features are only as good as the façade—you need a timepiece that will match your wardrobe and that you’ll love to wear every day. With our designs, you’ll never have to choose between form and function. We’ve got a ladies’ smartwatch to match every style personality. Our high-glamour styles feature classic silhouettes in luxe metallic tones like rose gold, gold and silver, with pavé crystals that add an extra dose of shine. If you prefer a bolder look, opt for one of our colorful styles. Can’t decide? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with interchangeable straps in mesh, nylon, silicone and even animal-embossed leather, so you can switch it up whenever the mood strikes you.

Make Life On The Go Easier With A Smartwatch For Women

Women’s smartwatches are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping you on track and organized. Our tech wallets will keep your phone and other essentials protected and easily accessible, no matter how busy life gets. Wristlets and cases with crossbody straps are minimalist alternatives to carrying a handbag, while folio cases and smartphone wallets can slip easily into your favorite purse. If you’ve got a busy commute or long flight ahead, tuck your smartphone into one of our women’s backpacks and belt bags to keep your hands free. Don’t worry about missing any notifications—your smartwatch will keep you in the loop. Is your husband or dad getting jealous of the advanced tech you’re sporting? Gift him a men’s smartwatch< so he can keep up with you—or at least try to!