The Best Cologne For Men

In search of a new signature scent? Look no further than our selection of men’s cologne. Michael Kors offers three men’s fragrances that were crafted for the modern man on the move. In Michael Kors Extreme Speed, coriander and other spices are layered with distinctive woods and patchouli. Michael Kors Extreme Blue blends freshness and sophisticated musks. This popular scent is also available in a men’s fragrance gift set that includes an eau de toilette spray, shampoo and body wash. Our newest fragrance, Michael Kors Extreme Sky is a gravity-defying scent with cool spice notes and ozonic accord layered with vetiver.

Find The Right Men's Fragrance For You

Our luxurious and masculine blends are some of the best colognes for men. No matter which scent you choose, it will be the foundation to your look. The right perfume for men is the invisible piece of your wardrobe that sets the sartorial tone. A simple spritz of men’s designer cologne instantly elevates how you feel and prepares you for the day ahead. You can also keep different fragrances on hand to suit your mood. Whether the day calls for fresh citrus, the grassy essence of vetiver or velvety notes of amber, there’s a Michael Kors cologne to complement it.

The Perfect Gift: Men's Cologne

A men’s cologne gift set is also a perfect present for the men in your life. The eau de toilette spray, shampoo and body wash come in a convenient carrying case that’s perfect for traveling or popping into his gym bag. Pair the fragrance set with a stylish accessory to make your gift feel extra special. While a men’s fragrance is the first step in his routine, men's sunglasses are the finishing touch that pulls the whole looks together. A men's travel case or a men's billfoldare other little luxuries that will complete your gift. Or, gift him the essentials with a bottle of cologne and men's designer underwear.