Michael Kors Collection

Introducing The Studio 54 Capsule

Fall marks the debut of an exclusive collaboration between Michael Kors Collection and Studio 54, the legendary former nightclub that served as an inspiration for the Fall 2019 Michael Kors Collection. Graphic prints capture the iconic neon signage of the 1970’s hot spot, known for glitz, glamour, and an infamous velvet rope. In the words of Michael, “What better way to pay homage to that fabulous moment in time than to recreate it in fashion?”

“This collaboration celebrates the high-octane chic of the former disco.”


“Studio 54 was like a perfectly planned dinner party—an eclectic mix of people and fashion. You’d see jeans next to evening gowns, track suits next to cocktail dresses, all of it mixed together. When I think about the melting pot of New York, we still see it today: someone rushing to work early in the morning and club kids just coming home. It’s that mix that makes New York so wonderful.”